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Necessary measures taken:

- Gel sanitiser provided upon entrance to studio.                                            

- Hand washing facilities provided (bathroom and kitchen)

- Disposable Paper towels provided.

- Frequent cleaning of high traffic areas (door handles, light switches. etc)

- To practice social distancing and maintain a 2m distance between team members whenever possible.

- Where needed crew members should be provided with PPE, gloves and masks, PPE to be correctly worn, and correctly removed to ensure risk is minimised.

- Correct disposal of all hand washing towels, PPE, cleaning wipes.

- Those showing symptoms of COVID-19 (new continuous cough or a high temperature) Will be refused access to the studio, and advised to follow the stay at home guidance.

- Team members with the ability to work remotely via email, conference call etc are encouraged to do so.

- Crew members to be limited to 8 whenever possible. If larger teams are required this should be pre-arranged with the studio.

What we can do:

- To help limit crew numbers at any given time in the venue.

- The studio will be staffed by a single member of staff. All our staff members are experienced with Photographic EQ and can help with the set up to help keep total crew numbers down.

- Equipment, wherever possible, to be delivered the day prior, have an additional sanitation, and placed on stands (to help minimise additional photo team needed)

- Regarding Catering we can recommend our regular suppliers who are working in minimal numbers under strict Covid-19 risk controls. Catering is provided in single crew member portions. If other suppliers and/or delivery services are used, food must be single portioned for each crew member.

- Extended days/ Pre-light days can be arranged to help prep styling, set, photo team. Limiting team members on set.

- Photography assistance, catering and extended days should be prearranged prior to the shoot day with the studio to avoid confusion.

What you need to do:

- Client/Production should be aware of all Government guidelines surrounding COVID 19. (Link)

- To help ensure the studio guidelines are adhered to.

- Crew members to be limited to 8 whenever possible. If larger teams are required this should be pre-arranged with the studio

- To provide any additional hand sanitising stations.

- To provide PPE if needed

- High risk individuals must be made aware to the studio before shoot date.

- Check all crew members are not showing Covid-19 symptoms before shoot.

- Where possible prearrange transport to and from the studio for all team members. Public transport should be avoided if possible. We encourage cycling or walking to and from the studio.

- The studio is based in a live work building with resdance, Please keep crew from unnessery travel in the corridors.

- To provide additonal details of shoot to the Studio (Inc Team members, Dilivies, Etc.)

Detailed Risk Assment avalible. We are doing everything we can to make the studio Covid secure and adhear to the coviment guildlines. Use of the studio is at Clients own risk.   
For more info Please contact us:

Unit 18
First Floor
DeHavilland Buildings
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